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Holiday light tours in AZ versus Glendale Glitters

Posted by Rachel Romero on Sun, Nov 30, 2014 @ 08:42 AM

Our family checked out Glendale Glitters for the first time last night, well to say the least left a lot to be desired.  Parking is abysmal.  The few parking garages in the area had lines that looked to be 30+ minutes plus to get in to park.  Imagine how it will be to leave the event.  Talk about a nightmare.  Free parking is located at Glendale Community College - over on Olive and 59th Ave.  That is a LONG way away!  The crowds were thick.  Cigerette smoke was thick - along with the smell and noise of generators.  It seemed like the holiday spirit wasn't in the air - dirty, stink and the smell of too many people was in the air.

I'm certain now that our holiday lights tours are the way to go as a family or friend group!  We arrive at your door with a clean, detailed limo or partybus.  You don't have to worry about parking (or sitting in a long parking line).  You can drink your cocktails without worry of who is going to be the DD at the end of the event.  You get to control the holiday music that plays in the limo or party bus.  You get to control what lights are seen on your route.  You don't have to worry about fighting crowds, or stink of cigarettes or generators. 

holiday light tour in AZ

To say that a holiday light tour is our limo or partybus is the better option versus these "free" events like Glendale Glitters is an understatement. 

Let's talk about "free" by the way.  So it's $10 at minimum to park at one of the lots near-by (if you elect to skip crazy parking garages).  Then you purchase a few rides for the kids (bounces houses, twirl a whirls) at $8 per kid.  Some desserts (chocolate covered strawberries at $3/each or Rice Krispy treats at $4/each.  Then a drink or two at $4 each.  Before you know it you're at $100 without even thinking about it.  All for the "privilege" of attending this free event that is supposed to be about the holidays.

Spend $200 more and include another family or two and ride in luxury in a limousine with In The Scene Limousine's holiday light tours.  Treat yourself and your family to a memorable experience!  One that you will treasure and cherish for years to come!

az holiday light tour

Book your holiday light tour today!

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Get a partybus or limo for Cinco de Mayo!

Posted by Rachel Romero on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 02:15 PM

Cinco de Drinko it's often called - Cinco de Mayo is a BIG party day - all day drinking and Phoenix and Scottsdale have a TON of events this Cinco de Mayo!

A lot of people think that is Mexico's Independece day but actually Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico commemorating the Battle of Puebla. On May 5, 1862 a small group of Mexican soldiers defeated a formidable French army that was twice its size. Mexico had long before (September 16, 1810) declared its independence, but there were constant struggles to maintain Mexico's freedom for a long time after the country became independent from Spanish rule. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the fortitude of the Mexican people!  And for some party people a celebration of how much Tequilia you can consume!!

Check out places like El Hefe which has a block party on Sunday 5/5

Also El Santo which is a fiery combination of Cantina + Patio Bar + Restaurant, built around a Mexican resort style pool! El Santo’s Baja style menu combines spicy Mexican flavors in both cuisine and cocktails.

Of course there is the old-standbys like Dos Gringos at various locations - the Scottsdale location is hosting live music and awesome DJs and hosting a block party.

Since Cinco de Mayo this year is on a Sunday it's not a workday AND we have the AWESOME Sunday-Thursday pricing - check out the prices below:

Lincoln Limo:

only $165 flat for a point-to-point transfer

only $243.75 flat for 3 hours!

only $325 flat for 4 hours! ($81.25 each addtl/hour beyond 4)

Small Black Party Bus (Scene1):

only $225 flat for a point-to-point transfer

only $299.25 flat for 3 hours!

only $399 flat for 4 hours! ($99.75 each addtl/hour beyond 4)

White Hummer Limo:

only $225 flat for a point-to-point transfer

only $299.25 flat for 3 hours!

only $399 flat for 4 hours! ($99.75 each addtl/hour beyond 4)

Escalade Limo:

only $225 flat for a point-to-point transfer

only $299.25 flat for 3 hours!

only $399 flat for 4 hours! ($99.75 each addtl/hour beyond 4)

Mid-size capacity Party Bus (Scene18):

only $500 flat for 4 hours ($125 each addtl/hour beyond 4) - That's only $16.66 per person!

Large Partybus with 3 Stripper Poles (Scene17):

only $580 flat for 4 hours! ($145 each addlt/hour beyond 4) That's only $14.28 per person!

Largest Capacity Limo-Style Coach Bus (Scene10) - only $658 flat for 4 hours!  ($152 each addtl/hour) That's only $14 per person!

Give us a call at 602-996-5466 to book your Cinco de Mayo limo or party bus today!


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Limo Service Phoenix for a holiday like Thanksgiving?

Posted by Rachel Romero on Tue, Nov 13, 2012 @ 03:17 PM

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly (too quickly!!) and we've had some recent quotes for people looking for limo service on Thanksgiving Thursday.  Normally for our limo services in Phoenix, we work 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.  New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Halloween, 4th of July - those are all big party/romantic days where getting a limo or a party bus for your celebration is a really smart idea - especially when lots of alcohol will be consumed. 

But for a day like Thanksgiving - or Christmas Day - those days have not been normal high booking days.  This is probably the first Thanksgiving where we've had multiple quote requests - hmmmmm obviously people are headed into celebrations with family or friends where they know they will be drinking a lot??  For our company, we normally don't like to make our chauffeurs work on these "family" holidays. 

What do you think?  Do you think that limo services in Phoenix should just price their service like it's a normal day for Thanksgiving or Christmas day?  One prospective client we just called said "I'm price shopping to see who will give me the best deal".... For this family holiday day?  Chauffeurs have family too...  And of course prospects are looking for "limo transfers" - a drop off at the home at 10am and pick up again at 9pm.  So they want us to make that chauffeur suit up and head out twice in one day and not be able to enjoy his meal or his adult beverages??

Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong and our chauffeurs would love the opportunity to earn some money providing limo service in Phoenix on Thanksgiving - any money is fine with them because Christmas shopping season is right around the corner. 

Do you think limo services should really offer low priced service on "family" holiday dates like Thanksgiving?  Talk to me - give me your ideas!

By the way -Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients, friends and family from In The Scene Limousine!!limo service Thanksgiving

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Even ONE Drink Can Get You a DUI in Arizona - book an AZ Limo!

Posted by Rachel Romero on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 @ 10:36 AM

In most States you can't be arrested for a DUI unless you meet the blood-alcohol threshold of .08 or higher - but not Arizona - Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation.  And contributing to that "toughness" is the fact that you can be arrested for a DUI in Arizona even if you do not have a blood-alcohol of .08!  Arizona's DUI law takes into account the fact that each individual absorbs and processes alcohol differently and that some drivers can be impaired after just one drink.  The same reasoning goes for drivers that are under the influence of drugs or other substances. 

Be smart - plan ahead before you go out to celebrate.  Designate a completely sober driver (who agrees to stay sober the whole night BEFORE you head out), take a taxi, or book an AZ limo through In The Scene Limousine.  We have great summer specials and now offer "split" reservations - or limo transfers - to save you money while you are at your Happy Hour or Nightclubs! 

Remember the cost of a DUI - or the enourmous cost of killing somebody or yourself drinking and driving - is much less that planning ahead and booking an AZ Limo!

AZ limo instead of DUI

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AZ Sedan Service - great alternative to DUI

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Mon, Jun 07, 2010 @ 07:57 PM

DUI stories have been in the news a lot recently - just had a friend who is facing the judge for his 2nd DUI explain how he might actually get house arrest instead of going to tent city. 

I always thought facing tent city was a pretty big deterrent.  Especially in the summer-time when the extreme heat in AZ would have inmates facing over 100 degree heat at night - not to mention the rats and bugs!

But I guess what they are looking at is the cost savings of house arrest.  The program is aimed to reduce the expense of placing non-violent DUI offenders in jail; the city of Scottsdale says it could save up to $1 million each year by using house arrest alternatives. In addition, the program aims to allow offenders to keep their current jobs which would be surrendered in a longer jail stay. The house arrest option would not be presented to violent offenders or those without employment. Any offender with a history of domestic abuse charges would also be ineligible. According to reports, this means only about 50 percent of all offenders would be eligible.

Another news item I ran into was a Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan, getting arrested for a DUI.  She is a wealthy housewife for God's sake!  Doesn't she have enough money for a Towncar or limo so she can ride safely??  She was the wife of J.P. Morgan's great-grandson.  I'm sure the J.P. Morgan family still has money.  

Why don't people learn that a great way to avoid all these legal troubles is to just plan your night in advance and book your AZ sedan service.  Or leave you car at the restaurant or club and call us for a ride home!

AZ Sedan service


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Arizona Prom Limo - be smart young grasshoppers

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Thu, Apr 01, 2010 @ 01:30 PM

As another prom season starts, we hold our breath, cross our fingers and educate, educate, educate and hope these young grasshoppers don't try and drink alcohol (or use drugs).

We hope that the parents and kids who organize the rental of the Arizona Prom limo and party buses pass along the Teen I Promise document to all their friends riding in the vehicle. We hope that all the parents sign the document too.

We hope that the one teenager with the brillant idea of sneaking vodka into the water bottle he is carrying, or into the hairspray bottle in her purse, think twice. Think hmmmm, maybe I don't want to ruin the event for all my friends. Maybe this driver (well we call them chauffeurs) will figure it out. Maybe he will smell the vodka on my breath, notice that I'm walking kinda funny and figure out that we've been sneaking alcohol. Then he'll call my parents and they will call all the other parents. And the ride will be over. Maybe it is not such a good idea to try and drink afterall. . . . . 

Hopefully at this age, teens don't think that they need liquor to have a good time!  And with all the money that is spent on the special prom nights - it's really not worth the risk!

We hope, we hold our breath and cross our fingers, every year that we can get through a prom seaon without any alcohol incidents in the Arizona prom limos and party buses. Please, please teens who have booked with our company follow the rules (and of course the law) and do not drink in our vehicles, or during your reservation, for your fun prom night!

Arizona prom limos

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Concert and Events coming to Phoenix in January and February!

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Mon, Jan 04, 2010 @ 10:03 PM

Below are some great concerts coming to Phoenix! Take a limo, party bus or sedan/SUV to a concert so you can have cocktails on the ride there and back - and at the venue - without worry of a DUI!

January 2010:

1/3 - Lewis Black - Tucson Music Hall

1/8 - Stephen Lynch - Orpheum Theatre

1/15 - Weezer - Dodge Theatre

1/16 - Kathy Griffin - Dodge Theatre

1/18 - 1/24 - 39th Annual Barrett-Jackson- The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions - Westworld Scottsdale

1/23 - Slayer and Megadeath with Testament - Dodge Theatre

1/29 - The Music of Led Zeppelin and The Music of Queen - Dodge Theatre

February 2010:

2/5 - George Straight & Reba - US Airways Center

2/6 - Gabriel Iglesias - Dodge Theatre

2/9 - Chris Botti - Dodge Theatre

2/24 - Bon Jovi - Arena

2/17 - Alice in Chains - Dodge Theatre

2/22-2/28 - The FBR Open is now the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Same fun. Same location. The 2010 tournament will be held February 22-28 at the TPC Scottsdale. Huge parties and lots of fun surrounding the event!

March 2010:

Upcoming hot show in Phoenix - 3/28 WWE Wrestlemania - University of Phoenix Stadium

Ride in style and safely with one simple call to 602-996-LIMO!

Take a Hummer or Escalade limo to your favorite concert!  Concert & event tickets available at or

Concerts and events

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Please don't drink and drive this Holiday season!

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Fri, Dec 18, 2009 @ 04:41 PM

This is so powerful - watch this video!!  At first I thought there was too much emphasis on the accidents and gore and less about the drinking.  But then I thought again - people know how to have fun drinking.  People know too much about having fun drinking without thinking about the consequences. 

Please be safe this holiday season!

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Who are you driving on the road with - a binge drinker?

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Mon, Nov 02, 2009 @ 04:20 PM

Are you driving down the road with a binge drinker?  Betcha that you are - you actually have a 1 in 10 chance of driving on the road with somebody who has just consumed 5 or more drinks

Let me repeat that - you have a 1 in 10 chance you are driving down the road with somebody who has had 5 or more more drinks!  Amazing.  About 50% of the binge and drive group have just come from drinking at the bar, restaurant or club.  About 25% of those people actually had 10 or more drinks and then got behind the wheel!  

Binge drinking is often associated with college kids - but in reality it crosses all age groups - there is actually a greater chance the binge drinker is 55 or older.  Old enough to know better.  Old enough to have the money to pay for a taxi or Phoenix limousine.

It just seems like people won't learn.  The economy is bad and people are downsizing and reducing frivolous expenses.  So now instead of getting a Phoenix limo they drink and drive.  I'm sure a lot of people spent some times behind bars this last Halloween - instead of trick or treating or having fun - they got caught and will be paying for the consequences for a long time to come - financially and emotionally.

Local law enforcement is looking for additional ways to earn revenue for the State (hence the traffic cameras everywhere).  DUIs cost a lot of money - I'm sure they are a revenue generator for the State of AZ. . . . so I don't think that enforcement is going to be reduced with budget cuts.  

And it's not just because it is against the law and can be expensive if you are caught drinking and driving.  It is wrong because you can hurt somebody. 

Binging and driving - do you do it?  Will you stop?  

Binge drinking or Phoenix limo

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Just 2 Drinks and a DUI!

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Fri, Oct 09, 2009 @ 03:25 PM

He thought he would be okay - he only had two drinks.  Then waited at the bar for two hours before driving.  No way would be be caught for a DUI.  But he rolled through a stop sign rather than coming to a full and complete stop.  Those red and blues flashing in his rear view mirror and damn going through his mind as he pulled over.

He was arrested taken into the horseshoe and booked on DUI charges.  It doesn't matter if you aren't above the legal limit - if your driving is impaired - and the cops can prove it is from breaking a traffic law (the rolling stop) - then you are busted.

DUI - you can't afford it - it is not worth it.  If you drink - even just a few - don't get behind the wheel!  Or rent a sedan, SUV or limo.

DUI you can't afford it

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