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Party Bus Scottsdale AZ Homecoming booked out blues. . . .

Posted by Rachel Romero on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 @ 04:18 PM

We see some signs of the economy recovering - thank goodness - including an almost booked out party bus Scottsdale AZ rentals for this Homecoming season.  Saturdays in the Metro-Phoenix area are normally busy - Phoenix is like the opposite of Minnesota - we are locked in our homes with the a/c running full blast and if we venture outside - it is only for a dip in our backyard pool.  But when the thermometer starts to drop a little bit - people start making their plans for weddings, birthdays, and Homecoming! 

This Homecoming season is much, much stronger that the last few years.  Maybe a sign that people in Scottsdale/Phoenix feel a little more confident now that real estate prices are starting to rebound and the economy is looking up?

What this means for the party bus Scottsdale AZ rentals is that you need to call and BOOK EARLY - especially for your larger groups!  There are not too many large, large party buses is the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  There are a handful of party buses that are in the 32 passenger count range.  But once you get to over 40 passengers there are probably less than 5 party buses in town that fit that passenger count.

party bus Scottsdale AZ

In The Scene Limousine has party bus Scottsdale AZ for your Homecoming, Prom, bachelor/ette parties, birthdays - whatever the event we are here to serve you - just give us a call for a custom quote!




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