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Greasewood Flats - fun destination in AZ limos and Phoenix party buses!

Posted by Rachel Ricks on Thu, Feb 18, 2010 @ 06:14 PM

Take an AZ limo or Phoenix party bus to Greasewood Flats!

Sometimes our clients ask us for some suggestions for fun places to go as a group for their birthdays, nights-on-the-town (especially when you have guests in from out-of-town) or day-on-the-town - one place that we suggest is Greasewood Flats. 

Housed in a 120+-year-old bunkhouse, Greasewood Flat has been in business for over 30 years. The elevation is 2000 feet above the valley floor making the night air 10 degrees cooler. Greasewood has served up hearty burgers and some wicked libations to Cowboys, Bikers, Locals, and Tourists alike.

The seating area is outdoors. You come out, Stake your claim on the picnic tables then enjoy the cold drinks, some good food, live music under the stars and the warm and toasty campfires-weather permitting.


Greasewood Flats can seat up to a 1000 people, we also have private areas for birthday parties, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners or whatever your need to celebrate might be.


Greasewood Flat is open everyday 11am to 1am. We stop serving food at 10pm on Weeknights and 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights.


So imagine a beer garden, complete with rows and rows of picnic tables, but on the set of a Western movie. Cue up a band playing Waylon Jennings' and Willie Nelson's "Luckenbach, Texas." Add in fire barrels, horseshoes, wagon wheels, a couple of roosters, some donkeys and a dance floor where all ages sway and jump to the beat.

Greasewood Flat is an experience for tourists, locals and bikers alike who come for the sheer novelty. People pile their empties into plastic trash cans and listen for their number to be called so they can eat bacon green chili cheeseburgers and chilidogs out of paper baskets. Don't get fancy with your drink, either: Lines snake out the door of the claustrophobic "bar" (more like a counter where you order and then high-tail it back outside), and you bark out your order on demand as soon as you belly up.

Info: 27375 N. Alma School Pkwy., Scottsdale; 480-585-9430,

Of course you don't want to drink and drive when you head out to Greasewood Flats so rent an AZ limo or Phoenix party bus when yo plan your next party!


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