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Dana Pointe Prom 6/3/11 - Limo or Party Bus?


Friday 6/3/11 is the big day for Dana Hills High School Prom. The venue has yet to be announced - but what is for sure is that limo companies will sell out for this busy night!  Book early to ensure that you get the party bus of your wishes.

Party buses are becoming super popular for prom rentals.  Maybe because the party buses Dana Pointe are roomier.  You can stand up and dance.  Maybe because it is easier to manuveur inside the party bus - no horrible, hunched over limo crawl as you enter and exit the vehicle - like you have to with SUV limos or even standard 10-passenger limos.

Or maybe you picture a Hummer limo or Escalade limo - they are stylish and elegant for your event.  The choice is yours if you book early - if you wait til the last minute you might be stuck with booking whatever is left. . .

Book your Dana Pointe prom limo or party bus early!

Click here for a risk-free, no obligation quote for your Dana Pointe Prom Limo or party bus! 

This beautiful Escalade limo is available for rent for your Dana Pointe Prom or other events:

Dana Pointe Prom limo

San Clemente Prom limo or party bus


June 11, 2011 will be the big day - San Clemente High School's big prom night! Guys and gals will be dressed in their prom finest - beautiful formal dress and nice tuxes. Emotions will run high, cameras will be clicking away and excited teens enjoy their first big, lifelong memorable event.  Ask any 40-50 year old walking of the street if they remember their high school prom.  Chances are they will remember - remember who they went with, and if they had fun.

Help your teens celebrate this special night in a very special and SAFE way by booking a San Clemente Prom limo or party bus.  Think about it.  Your kids might try and sneak drinks - drinking and driving is super dangerous for teens and adults alike.  But it is more dangerous for kids.  Their young body's do not process alcohol very well yet - because they (hopefully) have not been exposed to alcohol frequently yet.

In our San Clemente limos and party buses we do not allow consumption of alcohol.  It is against the law and our chauffeurs will get into trouble (could lose their license) if they look the other way when the kids drink.  So getting a San Clemente Prom limo or party bus will help you rest assured they the kids will not be drinking.  So you don't have to worry about your teen drinking and driving.

People text - people text while driving.  On an important night like prom the teens will be texting - probably a lot.  If you get a limo or party bus you won't have to worry about your teen texting and driving.

So besides the fun and celebration of getting a San Clemente Prom limo or party bus.  It is also a safe solution. 

Get a no-obligation quote for a San Clemente Prom limo or party bus!

beautiful party bus available for your San Clemente Prom:

San Clemente Prom party bus

Anahiem Prom Limo or Party Bus


Anahiem is one of the biggest cities in Orange County and a huge destination city of Prom events with all the magic of Disney related venues (Disney Hotel, Downtown Disney) and beautiful venues like the White House.

If you are planning a prom to a venue in Anahiem or around Anahiem, make sure and plan your Anahiem Prom limo or party bus early too!  Prom time is a huge demand time with more demand than supply - so expect prices to be higher for everything from your tux rental to your prom limo or party bus.

I always joke with people that getting a limo or party bus on a high-demand prom night is kinda like traveling to Las Vegas on New Year's Eve or Super Bowl weekend.  You know you are going to be paying higher rates for hotels that night. . . . same concept.  Tux rental shops sell out.  Limo and party bus companies sell out.

Last June 6, 2010 there was a terrible crash right in Garden Grove from Prom students attending a Prom event at the Disneyland hotel.  Authorities say that alcohol and street racing was probably a factor in that accident.  When you kids get an Anahiem prom limo or party bus - you can rest your mind that the won't be drinking (we have a strict no-alcohol policy for minors) and they obviously won't be racing in the limos. . . . 

So getting a limo is one of the ways to protect the safety of you kids - along with making their event more memorable and special! 

Get a no-obligation quote today for our Anahiem prom limo or party bus!

This party bus is available for your Anahiem Proms!

Anahiem prom party bus

Corona Del Mar Prom Limo or Party bus


This year's prom for Corona Del Mar is sure to be a blast!  The date is set for 6/4/11 and the location is still unknown for now. . . .  Guys will be getting fitted for tuxes and girls will be shopping for beautiful dresses and scheduling hair appointments.  In all the hub-bub of activity don't forget to book your Corona Del Mar Prom limo or party bus super early. . . .

Let's face it - the downturn in the economy hasn't been gentle on small business - and most limo companies meet the criteria of being a "small business" - so many places have folded and those that are still surviving have downsized their "party" fleet. . .  what that means is during this rush of demand there will be less Corona Del Mar Prom limos and party buses available.

Best advice - call early to book your Corona Del Mar Prom limo or party bus.  Make sure to confirm that the company you want to book with meet the following criteria to ensure your best time:

1.  TCP licensed and SPAB certification to run large limos/buses for Prom events.

2.  Get pictures of the ACTUAL vehicle you will be renting.

3.  Get the total price for the number of hours that is their minimum - and figure out the cost if any more hours are needed.

4.  Split the cost by the max number of people allowed in the limo or party bus.  And then start talking to your friends to get a head-count of who is in - make sure they can afford the cost per head for themselves (and their date?).

5.  Once you feel comfortable that you have enough friends to fill up your vehicle (so you don't get stuck with the entire bill), have your parents call the Corona Del Mar limo company to book.  Most companies are going to want to charge 50% down to secure a reservation.

That's it!  Then you can relax, and know that you are all set for the night of your life - your Corona Del Mar Prom!

Get a Corona Del Mar Prom limo or party bus quote here - no obligation!!

Corona Del Mar Prom limo

Laguna Beach Prom 5/21/11 - book your Prom limo or party bus early!


Prom season is coming. The excitement - the girls looking for their beautiful dresses and the guys getting fitted for their tux. Planning the dinner venue before the Laguna Beach Prom with you and your group of friends.  Of course, first there is getting the nerve up to ask that gorgeous young lady to the Prom. . . . It is an exciting time in most young adult's lives.

Let's face it - we all remember our Prom - who we went with to the dance - if we had fun - if there was drama between or friends or with our parents.  Prom night is probably one of the most memorable nights that teens experience!

Make sure to plan ahead and help you or your young adult have a wonderful memory for their Laguna Beach Prom by booking your SUV limo or party bus early!  Orange County limo companies sell out quickly during this busy time - as the demand exceed the supply of vehicles.  In The Scene Limousine California has two 20-person SUV limos and a 47-person limo-style party bus that have been SPAB certified/inspected and are authorized to perform Prom reservations.

Many people realize that California has some strict rules regulating businesses.  All limo companies operating in CA must be authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission - not only that - vehicles must be inspected by the CHP to be safe for School Pupil use (SPAB) and must be driven by SPAB certified drivers.  In The Scene Limousine California complies will all these regulations.  This is very important to you for your Laguna Beach Prom - last thing you want is to book with a company that gets their limo impounded and towed away during your Prom reservation!  Talk about drama and ruining your memories!

Book your Laguna Beach Prom limo or party bus today with In The Scene Limousine California to have a safe, memorable, special evening for your Laguna Beach Prom by calling 714-386-5151 today!

This amazing 47 person party bus is available for your Laguna Beach Prom:

Laguna Beach prom party bus

Coto de Caza Prom at Tesoro High School


This year's prom for Coto de Caza, CA is scheduled for 5/21/11.  Tesoro High School serves the Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch and some of the Mission Viejo students.  These are very elegant, upscale parts of town and the high school events like Prom reflect that high-class standard!  Some of the Prom events put on by Tesoro High School are the classiest in the nation!

When you plan your Prom night - remember to book your Orange county Prom limo or party bus early!  The demand for limos and party buses far exceeds the supply in-town so call early to book your events! 

In The Scene Limousine California complies with all the local regulations set-forth by the California Public Utilities Commission and has their Coto de Caza Prom limos and party buses inspected by the CHP for SPAB certification and safety - along with using SPAB certified chauffuers who are drug and alcohol safety screened.

We also ensure the safety of your kids for your Coto de Caza proms at Tesoro High school by communicating the rules and regulations of the event very clearly.  We send out a Teen I Promise document and have all the students along with their parents sign that the will comply with and are aware of the following rules:

  1. No alcohol or other intoxicants or cigarettes are allowed in the vehicles.
  2. All packages may be inspected by the chauffeur and may go into the trunk of the vehicle.
  3. The privacy partition remains open at all times to allow supervision by the chauffeur.
  4. The chauffeur will notify the parent listed on this form if alcohol or drugs are detected.  If the parent(s) are not available, the authorities will be notified.
  5. The chauffeur will immediately terminate the ride – passengers need to be collected by parents, and all monies will be forfeited.
  6. Only passengers listed below are allowed transportation in the vehicle.
  7. Any unusual spills, soiling or damage to the car caused by the passengers will be charged to the person(s) booking the vehicle.
  8. Signatures beside each name indicates this contract is acceptable.

Our goal is to make sure your students/children have a safe and fun ride when they book their Coto de Caza prom limo or party bus with In The Scene Limousine!  Call 714-386-5151 or 949-419-0222 today for a quote!

Coto de Caza prom limo


Laguna Hills High School Prom - get a party bus or SUV limo


Prom marks a special time in the life of most teens, this is usually one of the first events where they get dressed up on formal attire, order a Laguna Hills Prom party bus, and they make reservations for a special dinner with their group of friends.  It is really a celebration during this rite-of-passage for most teens.

Your Laguna Hills High School prom is set for 5/14/2011 this year.  Details and location of the Prom are not finalized.  But what is certain, there are not enough Laguna Hills party buses and SUV limos in town to accomodate the large demand during this busy time of year.  So book your Laguna Hills party bus or SUV limo today!

Most adults remember their Prom. . . . make the memories for you or your teens special this 2011 Prom year. Order a Laguna Hills 47 passenger party bus or 20 passenger SUV limo from In The Scene Limousine California.  We comply with all the local regulations including being licensed and regulated by the California Public Utilities commission and using SPAB certified vehicles and chauffeurs and carrying a $5 million insurance policy for the larger capacity vehicles. CA TCP #25318

We also have the kids and parents fill out a Teen I Promise document to ensure that it is spelled out and very clear to everybody that drinking on-board or even that night (where the chauffeur would detect intoxication) will not be tolerated on In The Scene Limousine California's vehicles! 

Be safe, have fun and order your Laguna Hills prom party bus or SUV limo today!  To get pricing and availability call 714-386-5151 today!

Laguna Hills party bus

Orange county limo - what do you think about mugshots published for DUIs?


I just read an interesting article about putting DUI offenders on the Huntington Beach’s police force Facebook page.  I love the concept!

Sherriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, AZ puts up the mugshots and the charge on his website.  Cruising through his website I notice that 17 people were booked for DUI offenses on 1/20/11.  That is Thursday, 1/20/11 – 17 arrests for DUI!  Obviously people aren’t getting the message that driving while intoxicated is ILLEGAL, WRONG and DANGEROUS when you have 17 people getting arrested for DUIs on a Thursday night!

Orange County should put up mugshots of those arrested for DUIs I think – what do you think?  Would it discourge people from drinking and driving?

Get a taxi, desginate a driver before you start drinking, or order a Orange County limo instead of drinking and driving!

Know the cost before booking! Download our Orange County limo price sheet.

Orange county limo instead of DUI 

Orange County Limo - new laws that affect DUIs and Social Hosts


Getting an Orange County Limo or party bus has just become more important effective 1/1/11 with the passage of a new law.  AB 1601 authorizes judges to revoke for up to 10 years the driver’s license of any person convicted of there or more DUIs in a 10-year period.  Yep, you read that right.  No driver’s license for chronic DUI offenders. 

Read these stats – there were 187,987 DUIs in California is 2008.  Almost 200,000!  And 9,164 of these were third time offenders wthin 10 years.  Drunk drivers killed more than 1,000 people in California and injured 28,000 more.

Now, in my humble opinion, if somebody has 3 DUIs they are probably an alcoholic.  And many, many alcoholics don’t have the money for an Orange County Limo or party bus.  But some of those movie stars, models and reality stars out there in Orange County or Los Angeles area might be reading this and might fit into that category – a chronic alcoholic drinking and driving regardless of the consequences. . . .  and with enough money to order limo service. . . .

Another bill of importance is AB 2486 or the Social Host Liability law – if a “social host” 21 years of age or older knowingly gives alcohol to someone under 21 years of age, the social host may be held legally accountable if that person is injured or dies, or if their property is damaged or destroyed as a result of the underage person’s drinking the alcoholic beverage.  A social host is a person who provides alcohol to guests at his or her residence.  I know of many times where I was served wine or beer at family parties when I was underage.  To think that my family members could have been held responsible if I’d been hurt!

Keep aware of laws that can affect you if your drink, host parties and make the unfortunate choice to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.  Be safe and book your Orange County limo or party bus today!

Orange county limo instead of a DUI

OC Limo to New Year's Eve Festivities


OC Limo NYEGet an OC limo to these fabulous New Year's Eve events in Orange County!!

NYEOC at the Hilton

Where - Costa Mesa - for cost

The pre-eminent, upscale New Year's Eve event to attend in Orange County!  The party extends across six different ballrooms and over two levels - over 21 and dress to impress!

City of Fullerton's First Night

Where - Downtown Fullerton- free

A great event for family at this alcohol-free New Year's Eve celebration of the arts.  Between Harbor and Pamona Ave in downtown with vendors and live entertainment.  Face painting, bounce houses, balloon art.

The Ambassador's New Year's Eve Yacht Party

Where - Newport Beach - $145-170

A four hour luxury cruise throughout Newport Beach Harbor - admission includes champagne greeting, appetizer buffet, party favors and access to the open bar for the entire night.  The yacht has three levels including dance floors, bars, lounge and "plenty of restrooms".

New Year's Eve on the Queen Mary

Where - Long Beach - cost varies call 800-43-2934

A 29 year old tradition which includes dining and overnight packages available, live entertainment at various stations (dueling pianos, classic rock, swing, jazz).  Just before midnight gather on the outer decks for a 20 minute firework display.

New Year's Eve with "The Tubes" at The Coach House

Where - San Juan Capistrano - $35 per person

The Tubes are one of the most exciting group of musicians.  Apparently their live shows have involved mock bondage, simulated sex, and exploding televisions - you might want to sit toward the back of the venue for safety.

Dinner and festivites at The St. Regis Monach Beach

Where - Dana Point - dinner $235-335 Lobby Lounge $75

Plush dinner and festivities at The St. Regis.  A six-course prix fixe menu is available at Stonehill Taven.  Tickets for dinner include entrance into Lobby Lounge.

New Year's Eve Block Party at the OC Fairgrounds

Where - Costa Mesa for tickets

All the fun of the summer fair packed into one night.  Live tribute bands by the decade from the '60s to the '90s - plus DJ and karaoke.  50+ gourmet food trucks to satify every appetite.

Don't forget to book your OC limo to get your safely to your New Year's Eve celebrations! 

Know the cost before booking! Download our Orange County limo price sheet.

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